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complaints & appeals

Appealing the Publication Decision

The final decision to accept or reject a manuscript for publication is made by the Editor in Chief. Manuscripts may be rejected for several reasons and the corresponding author will be notified by the Editor. Rejection decisions are not eligible for formal appeal unless the author believes the decision was based on an error in the review process. In this case, the corresponding author may appeal the decision by providing the Editor in Chief a detailed written description of the error they believe occurred.

If an author believes that the decision regarding the manuscript was affected by a violation of the AIEMS’s ethics statement, the author should contact the Editor in Chief and provide a written description of his or her concern with all supporting documents.


Complaints Procedure

You may contact the Editor in Chief and provide a written description of your concern with all documents supporting your concern via e-mail. The Editor in Chief will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and forward your complaint to members of the Editorial Board. The Board will address your concerns in line with relevant guidance from the  Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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